There are three main aspects to the Harbour offer.

We offer independent agencies new routes to market and new sources of revenue. The collective embraces a range of specialist, discrete offers reflecting the increasing complexity of the marketing landscape and the broadening of client needs. Working together, Harbour agencies successfully pitch more business, deliver better campaigns and serve their clients better.

Harbour delivers operational and financial efficiencies to its member agencies by aggregating their buying power for support services and providing access to best in class professional advice and back-office services in key areas like finance, human resources and IT. We match the efficiencies of the holding companies without the misery of corporate mandates and controls.

Harbour is a community of shared interests, experiences, ideas and recommendations. We make the case for independent agencies and build meaningful relationships with third parties such as media owners and trade bodies. We develop social media dialogue, events, speaker opportunities and trade press coverage for our members. We offer a geographical network footprint via our global partner, Serviceplan.