Q: Is Harbour affiliated to industry bodies such as the IPA?
A: No, but in time it might be.

Q: How many employees does Harbour have?
A: For now one plus a number of freelance consultants.

Q: Isn’t Harbour just a “mini-me” version of the big holding company monoliths?
A: Quite the opposite; we’re a collective of independent agencies staffed and operated by their owners who have chosen to work together.

Q: Do independent agencies really outgun their counterparts in the big groups?
A: Of course there are great agencies and people within the holding company agencies but independent agencies are driven by a focus on People, Product, Profit in that order; in holding companies the reverse is true.

Q: With the growing power of a handful of suppliers in the media marketplace, isn’t it becoming more difficult to operate independently?
A: Again, quite the opposite, technology is rapidly removing the advantages of scale on the demand side.

Q: Can Harbour act as the principal in a pitch?
A: Yes, and in time it will. 

Q: Will Harbour take equity stakes in its member agencies?
A: Not in the founder members but in time we envisage taking small stakes in start-ups that we help launch and get to market.