Harbour offers the best of both worlds.

It provides the benefits of working with quality specialist agencies that are managed and operated by their owners with the access to experienced talent, strong agency cultures and the commitment and passion which comes with that; agencies that have chosen to be part of Harbour and to partner with each other.

But clients also need joined up thinking and work across those disciplines, skill sets and channels and the breadth of agencies within Harbour enables us to deliver the skills of best in class specialists brought together to deliver not just integrated solutions, but Better Answers.

By Better Answers, we mean better thinking and work which comes from genuine discipline specialists and experts working together with an open mind to what might be the right answer.

We also know that clients need an agency resource and process which is easy to manage and efficient. The increasing complexity of the marketing landscape needs to be matched by simpler agency solutions not similarly complex ones. To that end we have two models of operation:

1. The Lead Agency model where one agency subcontracts partner agencies in the collective to work through them for a client; best for where there are two or three agencies involved or and/or where an existing agency relationship is in place which is being extended through other Harbour agencies.

2. A JV which serves the client with revenue and cost sharing between relevant agencies who provide services into the JV via dedicated staff or staff hours including account and discipline leadership. The JV is a legal entity within Harbour Collective Ltd which is ultimately responsible for the relationship and holds the client contract. Best suited to when a wider number of agencies are involved.

Through either of these models we believe Harbour can offer its clients the benefits of integrated thinking and work in a simple and efficient way.