Harbour is a collective of independent specialist marketing services agencies joined together in common interest.

Harbour exists to serve its members, their staff, clients and stakeholders. It respects their brands, cultures and client offers.

Harbour’s success depends on the appeal of the carrot and not the threat of a stick.

Harbour and our members share the view that a thriving independent specialist agency sector is vital to the future of our industry, people and clients.

We share a belief that the world is changing rapidly and that the skills required to effectively service clients in the 21st century need to change too. Collaboration and flexibility are the new watchwords.

We also share the view that the ongoing concentration of ownership and pursuit of scale led by the multinational agency groups serves no one except their shareholders and C-suite executives.

The agencies within Harbour are all linked by the quality of their offer, people and work. A recognition of this will engender a mutual respect that will, in turn, drive successful interdependence.

Harbour’s members believe in specialisms and while there may be some overlap in offer between them, they fundamentally respect each other’s expertise.